DanTor Ryu Jujitsu / MMA

Submissions are an integral part of JuJitsu / MMA, It is effective in both full-contact fighting and self-defense situations. Some submissions are fancy, while others simply get the job done with no flash at all. Here are five of the most common submissions you will find in the sport of MMA or in self-defense.

Rear naked choke: This is a relatively easy submission to pull off in JuJitsu / MMA or in self-defense yet it can be extremely effective when done correctly. It cuts off the blood supply to the opponent’s brain, forcing him to tap out or pass out. The most common way to perform this move is from the back-mount position with both hooks in. To perform a rear naked choke, you slide one arm underneath your opponents chin and grab your biceps (some prefer the shoulder) with the arm underneath the opponent’s chin. Grab the back of your opponent’s neck with the other arm, and squeeze till your opponent taps.

Arm bar: The arm bar is another submission frequently used in JuJitsu / MMA. It is a joint lock than puts tremendous pressure on an opponent’s elbows, causing serious injury to the arm if they refuse to tap. It can be performed from many different positions in JuJitsu / MMA. The arm bar is more complicated than the rear naked choke and can take some time to master.

Triangle choke: This is an excellent choke, especially for MMA fighters with long legs. It cuts off the blood supply to the brain, forcing the opponent to tap out or lose consciousness. It is performed by trapping an opponent’s arm and wrapping you legs around the person’s neck, forming a triangle with the space between your legs. It can also be combined with an arm bar.

Guillotine choke: This is another simple yet effective submission used in JuJitsu / MMA. It is usually used as a counter to a takedown attempt, but can be used from other positions in JuJitsu MMA as well. The guillotine choke works by restricting the opponent’s air flow.

Arm triangle: This is another common MMA choke that can be performed from many positions. The dynamics of this technique are similar to that of the triangle choke, but using the arms instead. To execute the move, trap your opponents arm with your head, while wrapping your arms around the opponents head.

DanTor Ryu JuJitsu /MMA

Professor Daniel Torres is a 9th Dan/ Kudan Master Instructor under the Vee Jitsu System and 10th Dan under the International Ronin Martial Arts Federation. His instructor’s Grandmaster Robert J. Copper,10th Dan, Grandmaster Jose A. Velez, 10th Dan and the late Grandmaster Florendo M. Visitacion,10th Dan (Professor Vee).

Prof. Torres has been inducted by Action Martial Arts Magazines, Hall of Fame/ Hall of Honor, the Black Back Hall of Fame by the World Professional Karate Organization, World Karate Union, The American Federation of Martial Arts, United International Kung Fu Federation.  He has received the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award, the World Head of Family Sokeship Council “Founder Award”, and Life Associate Member of Martial Arts Grandmaster International Council (M.A.G.I.C.). Prof. Torres has appeared in Action Martial Arts Magazines Collectors Cards 1998, 1999 and the year 2000.

Prof. Torres is a life member of the International Ronin Martial Arts Federation, Ronin Red Belt Society, Ronin Mixed Martial Arts International (MMA), Certified Instructor for the Ronin Police Defensive Tactics Association, with the rank of 10th Dan, judan. Founder and Chief Instructor Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo, 10th Dan.

Prof. Daniel Torres currently works for the State of Florida Boxing Commission and licensed for more than 16 years as a Professional Mix Martial Arts Judge/Referee, Professional Kickboxing Judge, Professional Boxing Judge and licensed in Puerto Rico as a Professional MMA Judge (Juez) and Referee (Arbitro). Prof. Daniel Torres is Certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida, Dispute Resolution Center as a Mediator and a member of the Florida Bar Standing Grievance Mediation & Fee Arbitration Committee.